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Location, location, location!

What factors do you consider when deciding where to hold your event? The location can play a key role for your guests when deciding whether to attend your event or not.
To ensure you get maximum attendance every time, here are some elements to consider when choosing the perfect location for your event. A combination of the below is the key to making the right choice.


Is probably THE most important factor. Whether your guests are flying in or simply making their way across town, the location sets the tone for the style of your event. It’s the first impression guests have before any other elements take place so make sure you choose to hold your event in a venue that aligns with the outcome you are trying to achieve.

Wow factor

Does your venue have that ‘something special’ about it? Will it help ensure your event stays top of mind of the guests long after they have left? Finding a venue that is new, recently refurbished or is styled uniquely are all ways of ensuring a great first impression. Choose a venue with a point of difference and your event will have a point of difference too.


Ensuring straightforward access for guests is paramount. Is parking readily available and affordable? Is the venue easy to find? Do guests need a map and directions? Is public transport to and from the venue an option? Is there any restrictions in place in terms of size or type of vehicles and access times? Ensure you have investigated these points and provided your guests with instruction prior to the event on all their options so they have time to consider what works best for them.


Cocktail party or conference, tradeshow or travelling roadshow, the facilities need to cater to the type of event. You may need a large open space for an activity, the ability to rig additional lighting, high speed internet access for presentations, a separate area for pre-dinner drinks, large staging for entertainment, multiple breakout rooms on one level, special needs access, privacy and security or a dedicated check in and registration area. To ensure the event flows seamlessly make sure the facilities match your event needs.