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Experiential Events

Experiential Events

So what is an Experiential Event and how can they work for you?

Long gone are the days you can bring your guests, delegates, customers or clients to a venue or location, talk and/or present to them and expect that the majority of the group will actually leave with the lasting impression, information or education you were hoping they would. After all, we are human and as humans we relate and therefore retain information much better if we are provided with an experience, something that touched all 5 of our senses.

When I’m discussing with my clients why they might like to consider an Experiential Event, the analogy I use is that as we know when children learn they best learn through play, engaging all the senses and focusing on the one (or few) that most appeal to them – it isn’t any different for us as adults, the “play” is just a little different.

Experiential events can be used for many different outcomes, but ultimately the goal is the same – your audience has had an “experience” that has resulted in them not only actually enjoying themselves but retaining and going on to use the message you wanted to convey – no boring PowerPoint presentations or sitting in a meeting room required!

So how can you use an experiential event to maximise your event objectives and outcomes?

Firstly,  ask yourself this question – what do you want your audience to know, feel and do in the days, weeks and months post your event? Once the strategic approach to your event is determined we create ways to engage with your audience through an experience. The experience or experiences can take place as a series of smaller events in the lead-up to the “main event” or use the experiential event straight up and really pack a punch!

If you’re looking to launch a new product but want to ensure you keep the really impactful information and reveal for the launch itself, create talking points by facilitating an act that doesn’t initially directly relate to what you are launching but that simply gets people talking and combine with social media to gain momentum. People are talking, but they don’t yet know how what they’ve seen relates to your business – they just know it’s interesting, their curiosity is piqued and they can’t wait for more. The series is developed so that as the experiences go on, the pieces of the puzzle come together culminating in your final event. By doing this, you’ve taken your audience on a journey, provided them with a memorable experience and ensured that regardless of what sense may appeal to them the most, the message has stuck.

Do you need to re-engage with your customers or educate them as to why they should still use your product, maybe even update their product knowledge and your service offering at the same time? How about placing your products in random but high traffic areas where promotional and unique (funny, out of the normal, eye catching attire) performers or entertainers encourage interaction and use of your product all the while being filmed (with their permission of course). You can then create a compilation of short video’s that can be sent to your clients in a link via email or even a text message. It’s different, it will entertain them and you’ll show them you have the ability to think creatively which will ultimately ensure you are remembered.

Creativity is key when it comes to experiential events, and the sky is the limit. Creating unique and bespoke experiences is what will ensure your experiential event is a success.

Brands such as Samsung, Red Bull, Addidas and Sensodyne just to name a few, have used experiential events to create customer engagement and the results speak for themselves. Speaking of  results, whenever a financial investment is involved being able to measure the results is important right?

Perhaps the final element as to why you may want to consider an experiential event – the outcomes can be measured. Creating specific markers into the concept means unlike many other styles of events, you can truly see how the experience directly relates to sales, enquiries, customer engagement, exposure etc. so for all businesses this is a real winner.

It’s time for you to think differently, your audience almost expects it, so let the team at Urban Event Management help you come up with the best way to achieve an experiential event that will have your company and your audience talking and remembering in the days, weeks and months post your event.