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What type of events are on your calendar in 2016?

What type of events are on your calendar in 2016?

One of the things I love the most about running events is that there is always variety.

The shape and style of your event requirements in 2016 may vary hugely from January to December.  You may have experience in putting them together and just looking for new ideas or it might be a completely new area for you and some guidance wouldn’t go astray! So I thought it was a good time to re-cap on the types of events the team at Urban Event Management produced in 2015 and perhaps give you some inspiration, an insight into the type of events we ran and how we may be able to help you!

Car Launches

Building anticipation and wow factor are key to this style of event. Guests are usually high end customers so the need to impress from their first introduction to the event being the invitation, through to exceptional catering, beautiful styling and providing a unique experience are all areas we focus on when producing a car launch. Technical elements such as lighting, staging, rigging, draping and vision all need to be seamlessly executed to enhance the overall experience. Take home gifts or “goodie bags” are always the final point to ensuring brand recognition is carried on long past the actual event to ensure the client stays front of mind to their guest.

Sales and Marketing Conferences

Communication, content and ensuring there is no death by PowerPoint all reign supreme. Events of this nature are usually an annual event so it’s paramount there is always a point of difference each year. Using the latest technology to communicate with delegates prior to, during and post the event is a must, ensuring communication is concise, readily available for busy staff on the go and ensuring excitement about being part of the event play vital roles. Once your people are at the event, that time needs to count. Content needs to be relevant, engaging and delivered in a way that your delegates will recall once back at their desk or back out on the road. There are so many great ways to engage with an audience and they don’t involve being spoken at (yes, AT, because this is what tends to happen and there is no interaction, therefore disengagement occurs) from someone on stage while they sit classroom style wishing the air conditioning was warmer.   Social events should be fun and creative. Reward and recognition is a key element to ensuring delegate involvement. Remember, before you start on your conference planning think about what you want your audience to remember in the days, weeks and months post the event.

Anniversary Celebrations

Theme and styling is what these events are all about. What is the purpose of the celebration? Regardless of budget what is the most effective way to create the effect you are looking for? Once decided reflect it in ALL elements – invitation, venue, decoration ensuring one cohesive feel that reflects the special nature of the celebration. Guests need to walk into the venue immersed in the vibe you are creating, it will set you and your guests up for an amazing and memorable night. Keep formalities concise but with meaning and make sure you have a great band or DJ. The entertainment should be a highlight of the evening and leave guests wishing the night would continue.

Networking Events

Guest list, venue, atmosphere – 3 key ingredients for any successful networking event. Getting the right people in the room will set the event up for success. Give them incentive to be there and ensure through good communication they know what to expect and who will be there. The venue plays a vital role as guests need to feel comfortable, be able to move around with ease and be able to see (no dimly lit rooms) and hear (no loud bands or lots of hard surfaces) each other as well as be able to access it easily. Car parks, street parking and public transport options all need to be considered to ensure your invited guests can attend with ease. Last but certainly not least creating atmosphere is the icing on the cake. Well chosen background music, a venue with a great view, funky décor or lots of natural light, friendly staff to direct and assist, furniture that is well placed and relaxed/casual will all help create a comfortable atmosphere and encourage some great networking.

Offsite Management Meetings

Time is precious, especially for the usually senior management who are attending these types of events, so a location/venue that removes them from their work environment so they can focus but that doesn’t require long travel times is paramount. There are many great venue’s all around Australia that lend themselves well to this style of event. Intimate boardrooms or private areas for meetings, a destination that allows ideas to flow (like beachside or countryside) and providing catering that is fresh, healthy and nutritious should all be on your checklist for a successful offsite management meeting.

Experiential Events

This style of event is growing hugely popular and with good reason. Providing your audience with an experience that touches all 5 senses (or at least more than 2) is guaranteed to bring home the message you are wanting to convey or increase the awareness you are wanting to achieve. Doing your homework prior to execution regarding target audience, demographic and measured outcomes to be achieved will set you on the right path in creating an experience that draws people to your brand and keeps them with you. We learn through “play” no matter what our age – get your audience involved in the experience and you’ve gained their interest. The location of your event, your ability to provide a unique/fun/quirky/unusual/memorable experience and ensuring you have the ability to obtain data on engagement are your key areas to look at in running a successful experiential event.

End of year celebrations

Whether your inviting clients or holding an event for your own staff get in early and be unique in your style. When invitations are sent out left, right and centre for end of year parties, sending a “save the date” early will ensure your guests have your event in their diary first! The next step is to have a point of difference. If you are wanting people to have an interest in attending your event (over all the others they will also get invited to) and then also actually turn up on the night and not “no-show”, it’s imperative to create a theme or add elements that are unique. Making sure catering is in abundance and your guests aren’t lining up for a drink should be basic check-points also. Above all, fun and celebration should be the overriding vibe. Save serious speeches, awards and plans for the new year for another time. Your guests will feel valued and want to continue their relationship with you (client or employee) if there is no pressure and they can just enjoy!

Special Events

Special events are called this for a reason – they should have elements that wow and amaze your guests and have them leaving on a high. These events can take many shapes and forms but my key ingredients for a successful special event last year were  –

1) Venue – out of the ordinary, perhaps new, not your typical “venue” – think outside the square from the beginning

2) Food and Beverage – there are no basic canapés or average wines on these menu’s. Creativity and visual appeal with the food and beverage aspect of your event will always have your guests raving

3) Styling – simple and stunning, high impact and high energy, bold and beautiful – the options are endless but whatever you do, it’s got to be visually impressive and leave no aspect uncovered.

4) Entertainment – What aren’t your guests expecting? Then that’s what should be involved. We’ve had lots of fun creating surprise moments for our clients in 2015 and given their response it was well worth it


What type of events will you run in 2016? The team at Urban Event Management can help with your requirements no matter how big or small and we would love to work with you. Wishing you all a wonderful 2016 filled with many exciting and memorable events!