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Effective Systems and Process

Do you spend valuable time trying to manage the multiple aspects of your event, all the time thinking if only you had some effective systems and processes in place how much more productive you and your team would be? There are some simple tools you can implement that will help you be extremely effective in time management therefore ensuring the other aspects of your role don’t suffer and send your stress levels soaring!

Critical Path

When you have a number of suppliers all with their own contractual requirements and timeframes for payments and communication of information, you need one document to manage all this information, this is where your critical path comes in. Not only does this provide one “go to” document when more than one team member is working on an event, but using this tool enables you to effectively manage all suppliers by reducing time spent on referring back to numerous documents as well as ensuring relationships with suppliers are kept at optimum levels by staying on top of contractual obligations to them.


Ensuring you have an itemised, line by line account of all supplier costs as well as all monies being received and paid out will ensure most importantly that you keep to the budget that has been set. In addition, having a central document to update costs as they change ensures you know at all times where the important financial commitments of your event are sitting.


More often than not you are communicating the same or similar information to various suppliers. Having templates set up prior to the event, saves valuable time in repeating information when communicating with suppliers. It also ensures you capture all the information you need in the first instance, saving further time in going back and forth in communication for missed information.


With the involvement of so many elements to your event the details need to be clearly outlined not only for yourself and your team but for the suppliers you are working with, therefore your runsheet is the most important document you will create. Your runsheet should reflect every detail of the event in chronological order and should be updated during the event management process. This not only ensures you keep track of the arrangements as they are made but that all the important detail is portrayed in a clear and easily understood format, whereby anyone (even if not involved) could easily pick up your runsheet and run your event.