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Need an awesome activity to kick start your 2016 event?

Need an awesome activity to kick start your 2016 event?

So we’ve passed the half way checkpoint of the calendar year and as many of our clients are starting to plan for their kick-off conferences and team motivation sessions to start 2016 with a bang, many of them came to us saying “We want something different” and “What sort of activity can we incorporate that will not only have some meaning, but also be fun and include everyone regardless of fitness level, personality or age?”

The team at Urban Event Management have come across some fantastic options recently for our clients, so we wanted to share these with you!

The Escape Hunt Experience

This is a fun new international teambuilding activity that is now available in Australia.

The Escape Hunt Experience, one of Trip Advisor’s top rated tourist attractions in multiple cities across the world is now open from 10am – 10pm in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, the Gold Coast and opening soon in Adelaide.

The Escape Hunt experience involves teams of 2 to 5 people being ‘locked’ inside a mystery room and required to use their combined skills to find clues, solve puzzles and crack codes in order to beat the clock in under 60 minutes.

The rooms cater perfectly for corporate celebrations and teambuilding. Teams escape from a themed room with the help of a ‘game master’ who watches from outside via CCTV and assists as required.

Transported into a different era, players will go back in time to complete one of fifteen unique themes situated around the country (three themes per location). In Sydney, the themes involve solving an extortion case in a dockyard, a theft in a cottage and a murder in a pub in 1920s Australia.

With similar elements to an IQ test, the concept is the brainchild of Bart who is a qualified psychologist. Each mystery game has been designed to challenge the senses and requires brainpower, teamwork, decision making, resilience, perseverance, problem solving, code breaking, puzzles, and plenty of red herrings.

Masterpieces and Margaritas

Established in Sydney, Australia in 2013, Margaritas and Masterpieces is a mobile painting party that’s got having fun down to a fine art! 

Gather a group of your workmates and Margaritas and Masterpieces will bring the event to your part of town.

Okay, fine art may be a bit strong. You see, Margaritas and Masterpieces combines two of your favourite things – delicious cocktails and sploshing paint all over a canvas! You’ll learn the basics of acrylic painting in a vibrant group class environment, where the emphasis is on pure, undiluted FUN.

As an added bonus, at the end of each class you actually get to take home your newly created masterpiece along with a bunch of great memories.

A creative and completely mobile solution for corporate team building events and activities in Sydney. Their team building structure is great for all ages and the painting is both challenging but achievable.

The team at Masterpieces and Margaritas aim to customise the event to suit your corporate culture, or to help build a stronger culture amongst your employees that draws on this creative and collaborative team experience.

Sushi Masterclass

For a team building exercise that your team will actually look forward to, book in a Sushi masterclass for an unforgettable (and delicious) event.

Designed by the ever creative team at Urban Purveyor Group, at their four Saké venues across Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, they offer Sushi masterclasses, which are fast becoming the team event preferred by companies who are looking for something different.

Attendees will learn the art of making Sushi Maki, and will create their own bespoke fillings. With anything from fresh seafood, to tempura crunch and spicy mayo, the combinations are endless.

The event is perfect for a pre-dinner activity, where guests spend their time preparing and finessing their skills that are then enjoyed for entrée or canapés. Followed by a banquet or canapé menu created by the talented chefs at Sake, it’s not only an entertaining event, but a delicious one.

Be Challenged

Just for fun, creative, business focused, social responsibility or tailored workshop, Be Challenged have got something for everyone. Two of their newest options include:

Horses for Causes – A lively day at the races culminating in a rocking horse race off with a CSR twist.

Not only is Horse for Causes rollicking good fun, it also offers a charitable element which enables participants to support their local community.

To kick-start the action, each team is presented with ingenious ‘flat pack’ rocking horse kits, then the countdown begins and participants feverishly co-ordinate a myriad of pop out components. When the 3D equestrian creations resemble the blueprint, it’s time to decorate and make them unique to your team.

With the floor cleared and lanes established, the betting phase of the activity begins. Teams go head to head in a series of hilarious high stakes races.  As each race is announced, fresh jockeys slip into their silks and new odds are set according to form.

The Curio Show – Guesswork and bluff is required by teams as they venture into a curious world of intrigue.

A cross between the ‘Antiques Roadshow’ and ‘Call My Bluff’, The Curio Show is a fun and sophisticated icebreaker – the perfect complement to a post-conference evening meal. This program in particular is a wonderful way to get to know your colleagues or clients.

The Curio Show features a diverse collection of antique objects that range from the intriguing to the downright bizarre, each of which could have many different uses. All the teams have to do is agree on the age, value and intended use of each curio and then set out to deliberately mislead the other teams. Lots of talking and laughing will ensue as teams strategise about the best way to get ahead.

Big Stick Adventures

Big Stick specialises in unique experiences, team challenges and special events that redefine expectations. Their 5-star packages help improve performance, unite teams, reward results and promote growth.

The company caters for intimate groups through to large-scale events and they have just added 12 new team building and incentive products to their range.

The new products in the range are as follows:

Melbourne Loves Coffee: Hands on experience with local baristas and roasters.

Double Exposure: Strategic team development.

Private Residences: Open the door to luxury living.

Bush Day Safari: Action packed, luxurious bush expedition.

Art of Health: Discover how art and culture influence health and wellbeing.

High Country Legends: Unique experience delivered above 1,800m elevation.

Paint the City: Giant artworks created by you in eye catching locations.

Motor Sports Day: Take over F1 circuit.

You Are Melbourne: Incredible dining experience.

Melbourne Beach Club: Private beach club 3km from CBD.

Aero Mildura: Take to the air and discover.

Aero King Island: Explore and indulge.

As you can see from the above, there is no reason to settle for anything less than awesome for your next team activity. Contact the team at Urban Event Management to help you plan an event that starts 2016 with a WOW for not only your new and existing team members but for your customers too.