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Technology for today’s world

Vidstream – have you heard of it? It can be hard to keep up with what’s happening in the world of technology at the best of times and if you want to stay in front when it comes to communicating at your event, knowing what’s hot in the world of technology is paramount. Let’s face it, AV is one of the most important aspects of any event regardless of scale, but also the most likely to cause us stress because there are so many variables. So what is Vidstream and how can it add value to your next event? Vidstream is a new generation of cost-effective, high definition video streamin.

What can it be used for?

Internal Communications – Team engagement and training, professional education, seminars, video newsletters, new product and service announcements, market and business updates.
External Communications – Stakeholder engagement, media conferences, major events, public awareness, education campaigns, marketing & promotion and AGM’s, just to name a few!
The host site and presenter can be in the CBD of a major city or in outback Australia. The technology is truly mobile and flexible. In addition to streaming an on-camera presenter, you have the flexibility to insert pre-produced content into the presentation: PowerPoint and video packages, promos, commercials and graphics.

What are the benefits?

Immediacy – content is delivered ‘fresh’ to maximise impact, removes the delays and additional costs of conventional post-production editing. Content can be streamed directly to television newsrooms and it’s truly mobile – presenters can be located anywhere where there is 4G or 3G phone signal. All operating systems and platforms are accommodated: Windows, Apple, Android, desktop computer, tablet and Internet-capable mobile phone.

Will it blow my budget?

From around $2,500 plus camera hire you can utilise this technology at your next event. If you have access to compatible cameras you can even save on camera hire. Any device, anywhere, anytime and content is delivered to your audience. Wherever you are and on whatever device you use is subject to the device having the capacity to access video on the Internet or if required a corporate intranet site.