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More than just an event

Have you ever thought how worthwhile it would be to give some real meaning to your event? Sure, we know that every event has a purpose, sometimes it’s a serious outcome that is required and sometimes it’s simply about getting people together, but what if you could go one step further and give real meaning to your event by aligning it with a worthwhile cause or outcome that benefited others with real need? Events have the power to make a real difference to a worthwhile cause, so what can you do to ensure your next event makes an impact in more ways than one.

What is your business passionate about?

There are so many worthwhile causes in our world that need help. Choose a charity or cause that you feel passionate about and that perhaps aligns with your businesses core values and approach them about how they could best use the help of a business such as yours. When we are passionate about something it drives and motivates us to go so much further. If your people are engaged on more than one level, they will be proud of their workplace and therefore more productive.

People Power

Whether you’re an intimate group of 10 or a mighty group of hundreds, by engaging a group of people to get behind a worthy cause, the effects go so much further than the initial place they are ignited in. Chances are that group of 10 or 500 will go on to ignite passion in others to either get behind your cause or one they are interested in themselves. Not only have you then given additional meaning to your event, you’ve started the chain reaction for others to do the same which can only mean one thing – more people benefiting from an event focused on a beneficial outcome for others.

See, Touch, Feel

We are so much more engaged with something if it’s tangible. Once you have chosen your cause, work with them to involve them in your event so your guests gain a firsthand understanding of how the company’s and their help will benefit that person or group of people.

Continue the support

Now you have your group engaged in a worthwhile cause, ensure it goes beyond the event itself. Keep the communication flowing about ways the business is going to continue its support and give people options for individual engagement also.
Here is some inspiration to get you started. Visit the following organisations who are successfully creating events that benefit others… School for Life and 360HR.