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Team Building – worthwhile investment or just some fun?

Team building can be defined as a wide range of activities, presented to businesses designed for improving team performance.
When deciding whether to include a team building activity into your event it’s important to consider what outcome you want to achieve. In this month’s Hot Topic’s we chat to Genevieve Matthews, Creator and Founder of The Art of Extraordinary on her thoughts about the value of team building and what she has created that is both beneficial and fun!

10 with Gen

Lisa: Thanks Gen for your time. Why “The Art of Extraordinary”?

Gen: It takes a little extra, it really does, to stand out, to be unique, to find your point of difference and it’s been through creative, learning experiences, that I’ve discovered my own thing. Ultimately where I’m headed, what my blocks are, who I want to work with, what my talents are, what I need to do, the possibilities and a clear direction. Now that’s what I teach and facilitate for others to discover their thing. It takes team building to a whole new level, because through the creative facilitation of games, activities and art we uncover the gaps and potential for individuals and organisations. People and businesses get so caught up in their day to day, doing what they do and what they want to achieve, they often forgot to concentrate on the being, yes being who they need to be and what it is all for.

Lisa: So what are the key benefits of doing one of your games or activities Gen?

Gen: We play and explore. When adults are allowed to return to the state of childlike exuberance, you’d be amazed at their ability to let go of some of the fear, to connect, to shine, to forget what’s right and wrong, to realise that beyond the box of compliance and written procedures, there are so many ways, possibilities and strategies for success, personally and professionally. When we’re all looking beyond the box, we allow ourselves to play with our highest values, what’s really important to us and that can be simply mind-blowing watching people and a business reconnect with what’s important.

Lisa: It sounds intriguing Gen, what are some of the outcomes for people taking part? Team building can be warm fuzzies for a team at year end or to get everyone motivated, how are your activities different?

Gen: The Art of Extraordinary Games Collection is that, a collection of game-like activities. It’s said “how we play games, is how we do business”, are we the pleaser, keeping everyone happy, are we competitive, a real stickler for the rules, outcome focused or simply reactive doing what needs to be done? We showcase for a business or a group of individuals where their gaps are, where their strengths lie, we tailor make the timing, logistics, functionality and outcomes of a game to the business and audience. People discover what their limiting beliefs are, how they connect, what makes them unique or not, what they can do, the strategies they run and how it helps or hinders achieve the bigger picture.

Lisa: What number of people can you play the Games with?

Gen: I’ve facilitated the games for 1 to 100 people, and everywhere in between, it’s never about the numbers it’s about the outcomes. We want to ensure that for each participant there is a quality learning experience that provides the ideal platform for transformation and evolution, that they can take back into the working or personal environment that makes a difference. We work in small to large spaces and utilise the environment, whether it’s in a boardroom or beachside location. The key is the participant and helping to facilitate their growth. We’ve worked with groups of all ages and cultures. I know this can be a question for event organisers, will this be suitable for all ages? It certainly is, because we are learning machines, whether at 20 or 60 yrs. Underlying all the ‘Game’ factor of what we do is essential and core human behavioural training and knowledge, that provides insight and a deep understanding of who we are, who we work with, capabilities and possibilities. We’re about taking a person, or a business to another level, somewhere they’ve not yet explored, and quite likely never believed possible.

Lisa: I’ve got to ask Gen, what’s your favourite Game and why?

Gen: We have about 15 games currently in the collection and it’s grows weekly. My favourite was the very first game, as it was created for my mentor, who’d I spent many years training under. She invited me into her rooms to create a game that would bring a big mix of ages, business owners and managers, trainers, leaders, facilitators altogether. She wanted something very unique and unlike anything anyone would have done before. It had to be active, creative and get people out of their comfort zones. There was no bungy jumping or high ropes, we made art, we made living pieces of art. As the organiser, she said “it was the most remarkable, incredible, electric transformation of any room that I have seen in my career of training thousands of people”. For the individuals in the room, it was “eye-opening, incredibly rewarding, learnt so much, I finally get why I am like I am” there was so much feedback about people really getting to know themselves and others so much better. And ultimately for any business to be successful, it doesn’t need to just have people in the business, it really has to get them, know and understand them, how they tick and why. That’s what we do, we give people the keys to unlock the code to human behaviour and so much more.

Lisa: Thanks Gen, it sounds incredible, in terms of understanding the logistics, how long do people need?

Gen: I know you are a logistics queen Lisa, that’s what makes you brilliant at what you do 🙂 We tailor the timing to suit, however realistically a minimum of 3 hours with a team or group of individuals is an ideal starting point, a half to full day is even better as we can really combine a few games together to enhance an existing program running, or event, or make it a stand-alone activity as required.

Lisa: Thank you Gen, lastly would love to know what’s important for you in business and what type of business or person is your ideal client?

Gen: Thanks Lisa, great question. We work with individuals and businesses that want that bit extra that are prepared to discover what the gaps are and want to discover how to tweak and improve what they’re doing. Some are ready for the next level and others want to really improve where they’re at. We focus on performance and productivity, because that is at the core of who we’re being and if we help people with that, they can fly, really achieve and deliver. We also value fun and creativity, because we believe that is foundational for success. We put the fun and colour back into team building, learning, growing, and strategy and business development.